Biodegradable glitter

Our eco glitter provided by Bioglitter® is mainly based on plants and not plastic. The polyester film used in traditional glitter is replaced with a cellulose film from eucalyptus trees. The trees are grown and harvested from certified plantations. The eco glitter also consists of natural pigments derived from minerals, 0,1 % aluminum to provide the glitter with a shine and 8 % styrene acrylate which is a safe recognized cosmetic binder. By then the eco glitter is 92 % plastic free.

When the eco glitter is once in the natural environment, it will be degraded by bacteria and environmental microorganism and thereby not contribute to the microplastic pollution in the nature and water environments. After 28 days in the natural environment 87 % of the eco glitter has degraded while the rest degrade within 1-6 months. The eco glitter is certified as 90 % biodegradable, this because the aluminum and the natural pigments, does not degrade, but merely return to their original state.